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Life at Woodlands


Woodlands Retirement Village

Orion House, Bessemer Road

Welwyn Garden City

Herts, AL7 1HE


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Woodlands is seeking outline planning permission to create a sustainable self-funded community and provide useful services for 240 residents to live a healthy, harmonious and fuller life through their retirement and elderly years.

Promote physical activity for better health.

Provide preventative care rather than specialist care

Encourage more volunteering and befriending.

Provide onsite access to mainstream public health

To do this, Woodlands will develop programmes

with a collaborative focus on socialisation, wellness

and sustainability.

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Outline Planning Permission is being sought to construct a continuing care retirement community within a brownfield area where an existing woodland enclave has partly grown out of the ruins of old brickfield pits.


Permission to remove protected trees and reduce access by the local community in the existing woodland is not being sought.


The public right of way footpath, which runs through the property 6 metres above the Cole Green Way will not be moved or changed.

Medical and Acute Care

People need people. Studies show that older adults who live in a community setting enjoy greater well-being than those who live alone.


At home, your parent may have limited opportunities to socialise with friends or stay involved with their interests. At Woodlands, such opportunities are right outside their door, every day. And with discreet support always at hand, they can retain their independence longer and focus their energy on being an active, contributing member of their Woodlands community

People are living better as a community

than they did when they lived alone.