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The proposed development site lies to the south of Cole Green Way, in an area that once formed part of Hertingfordbury Park, a medieval deer park first recorded in 1285.


By 1627 the park covered 237 acres, and became a favourite royal hunting ground associated with Hertford Castle.


In the early 20th century, the proposed development site became the site of a brickworks, with a kiln and an engine house. The brickworks were first shown on a 1925 OS map to manufacture bricks for the use in the construction of the adjacent viaduct, and other railway construction works.

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When the railway closed in the late 1950s, all that was left was a damaged ecosystem, abandoned and crumbling buildings and contaminated soil.


Today the Brickfields site has the potential to reduce the growing pressure on Hertford’s housing, health and social care systems for the elderly through the creation of a integrated flex-care retirement village.

The brickfields site represents the most practical and compelling opportunity to create a healthier community for the elderly while improving environmental and personal health

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